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500L Brewery in Mexico
We are so happy to get all the tanks from Carry, container took more than 2 months on the water, the packages are protected very well, it's been a big job to have this wonderful job done! everything looks great! Thanks Carry Guys!
1000L Fermenters in Hongkong
Scale up from homebrew to commercial is extreamly risky job. Carry Brewtech takes our dreams into reality. Insulated and pressurized fermenters are exellent and we are going to have more of them in this Summer, cheers!
1000L Brewhouse in England
We have been on this project together with Carry team for more than 2 years, they are very patient on the details, and helps a lot to make all these things happen. Equipment quality is amazing and we love all these excellent jobs. 
7BBL Fermenters in the US.
Everything is looking great. We are happy to be a USA reference. Others will feel better knowing someone else in the United States has successfully received a quality product from you in China. Only suggestion would be the package was too big...
3000L Brew system in Czech
Europe’s fastest growing FoodTech startup focusing on science behind kombucha. Being strong to have brewery up growing into the new Phase level. We are happy with everything working here, aiming to have further Phases into reality very soon...
500L Brewhouse in Australia
Installation was very easy, the workmanship was immaculate, the electronic control board used the best components. Easy to operate and very functional.The installation was a breeze and the system came pre-wired. It was basically to connect power and start operation.
100L Brewery in Mexico
Our brand is growing, thanks Carry team to make everything happen, and so far so good. We are brewing every week, enjoy the brewing process, it's being fantastic to see our own brewed beers on tap! Thanks! 
2000L Brewery system in HEFEI
Brewing beer is my dream after graduated. Thanks Mr.Cheng company me growing up from the very beginning, it's been more than 5 years from scrach to perfect. They always on line for my questions, small or big. Cheers!
300L Fermenters in England
Nearly killed us but we managed to get them in. do some jiggery pockery on the cooling and we should be good to go big thanks. 
Just feel free to share my information as reference here in UK around, happy to share!
10BBL Brewery in America​​​​​​​
We are excited with how this system turns out from the begining, these boys take 3 containers shipping load, so happy to have them onsite!
So far so good, looking forward to our OPEN DAY! Cheers! 
250L Brewery system in Japan
It's always been a difficult home work to find the suitable supplier. We found CARRY BREWTECH on Alibaba, their service and professional attitue attract me a lot. This is a complete customized system, CARRY guys turn my dream into reality. Thanks so much!
200L Brewery in Holland
Our team is preparing for this 200L brewery project since last year! It's been a long time and we can't wait to unpack these crates. They are well packed and all details are worth for a big thumbs up. Super customer service, if you like their product, don't miss them out!

Kombucha Tanks in Malaysia

Taking our Kombucha into commercial is a big risk and it's filling up with challanges. We are happy to meet Carry Guys who are super proffesional in Kombucha industry, and also warm hearted in the technology applications. It's been a happy purchase to have all the tanks designed and shipped onsite. xiexie!
400L Beer Brewery in Dominica
When we posted our RFQ through Alibaba with our initial request of direct fire heating system, it's really a big jumping up from our 60L system. Thanks for Carry team's guidance, we choose steam heating finally, and its working extreamly great for now. Our brand is setting up and heading to a better future. Thanks!
200L Brewery system in Japan
It's been a year since we scheduled to open our own brewery. The most difficult job is our limitation on the space. Thanks Carry, you make it happen with the most satisfied way. We are so happy to have you in the list during this process. Super recommened if you are also looking for a complete customized solution!

2000L Fermenters in Japan

Scaling up with 2 extra 2000L fermenters into our brewery. We have been introduced by my friend and go ahead with Carry Brewtech directly. I was worried about the quality, but the tanks are coming in its wonderful way. Thank you Carry guys. Cheers!
500L Brewery in Vietnam
2022 has been a tough year but we are making decision to do our 500L brewery in Oct.. Our clients gave up the strength to growing up. Carry Brewtech has been doing great to schedule and manufacturer this complete system. Cheers to 2023!
400L Fermenters in Switzerland
We met Emily @Carry Brewtech on Instagram, they are so attractive on the posts, and as well as their service level. We have been cared from the start to the end, the tanks are perfect and now they are working in our 2nd floor brewery. Well Done! 
With the concept of "pioneering and enterprising", CARRY strives to consistently deliver high-quality products and the best service for clients.
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