Glad to share with you the 500L BEER BREWING SYSTEM we send to Europe, here below is the detailed information of the equipment for your reference, hope it is useful for you!
> The configuration list of the 500L beer brewing system:
1.The 500L 2-Vessel Beer Brewhouse  x 1 set;
2.The 500L Beer Fermentation Tank  x 2 sets;
3.The 1000L Beer Fermentation Tank  x 2 sets;
4.100L Hop Gun  x 1 set.
> New design for the 500L 2-Vessel Beer Brewhouse
1. 500L Mash / Lauter tank with 20% extra space
2. 500L Kettle/ Whirlpool tank with 40% extra space
3. With 2 sets of electric heating elements
4. Installed a material level sensor on top of the grain bed to prevent grain oxidation during the lautering process
5. Skid mounted frame, completely turnkey project



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