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500L 2 Vessel Brewhouse Beer Brewing Equipment System Manufacturer

Effective Volume:
Heating Method:

500L Brewhouse is one of the most popular brewing machine in brewing beer area

When you want to expand your  pub/micro brewery, 500L 2 Vessel Brewing System is a good choice for brewers.

All tanks is made of stainless steel 304, our tank is 2-layer with PU insulation. The inner layer is 3 mm, packing and passivating treatment.  Outer layer is 2 mm, ink wires drawing plate.

The whole set of 500L beer brewery equipment include malt miller, auger system, 500L brewhouse, HLT, 500L/1000L fermenters, 500L/1000L BBT, cooling water tank, industrial chiller, CIP  cart and so on.

There are some details of 500L brewhosue mainly.

Product Description

1. CIP Arm 10. Wort Oxgenation Device
2. Raker & Motor with VFD 11. Kettle/Whirlpool Tank
3. Sight Glass 12. Tangential Whirlpool Inlet
4. Top Manhole 13. Platform with guardrail
5. Balanced Tank 14. Food-grade Wort Pump
6. Condensing Unit
15. Pallet&Tray(optional)
7. Level Gauge 16. Grain Door
8. Plate Heating Exchanger
17. Mash/Lauter Tank
9. Yeast Adding Tank 18. Piping and accessories

500l brewhouse system (4)

Mash/Lauter Tun(Left)

a. Effective volume= 500L, total volume= 625L
b. Top Manway
c. Rake with VFD 1.1KW Motor & reducer
d. Spray ring & 360° coverage CIP spraying ball
e. Side grain outdoor
f. High precision milled false bottom/sieve
g. Wort collection Ring pipes installed underneath

500l brewhouse system (22)

Kettle/Whirlpool Tank (right)

a. Effective volume= 500L, max volume=800L
b. Top Manyway

c. Electric elements heating method

d. Sample Valve equip with the wort pipeline
e. Tangential whirlpool inlet
f.  Outdoor condensing unit(indoor needs to be discussed further)

g. with knock-out system(PHE, yeast adding tank and others)

500l brewhouse system (25)

Customized 500L 2 vessel brewhous with auger system

500L brewhouse (2)

Back of 500L brewhouse

500L brewhouse (13)

Electric elements-heating method

500L brewhouse(16)


500l brewhouse system (15)

Raker Motor with VFD Device

500l brewhouse system (19)

Drain outlet&Balanced Tank

500l brewhouse system (23)

Auger System(Optional)

Delievery & Feedback
500l brewhouse system (3)

Receving 500L system

500l brewhouse system (2)

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