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Carry 3BBL Brewhouse


Carry 3BBL Brewhouse
For this set, it is heated by electric elements.
Generally speaking, Carry Brewhouse' heating method has 3-type, electric elements heating, steam heating and direct-fire heating. According to your experience, trust you have found a heating method of use it that suits you. Of course, we will provide some suggestion for your reference as well.
Below is the complete shipping list of the 3BBL brewery system this time.
3BBL 2-vessel brewhouse(electric elements heating)
- 3BBL Mash/Lauter tank
- 3BBL Kettle/Whirlpool Tank
- VFD Wort pump & Hot water pump
- Knock-out system and PHE pipline fittings

Direct-fire heating & Steam heating system are also within our production scope, don't hesitate to inquiry Carry Brewtech to start your project.


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