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Carry 400L 2-Vessel Brewhouse System is ready to GO!


Carry Brewtech will shipping this set of 400L 2-Vessel Brewhouse System to Australia.

Our brewhouse can choose electric heating, steam heating and direct fire heating method. Most customers choose steam heating, but which one heating method depends on your require.

-Provide installed piping, including valves and sensors (integrated pump system)

-Integrated pump system-CIP system: Separate the CIP of the tank to prevent cross-product interference, customized PID/PIC (HMI touch screen optional) control system.

-Stairs and platforms combine the container into a composite unit, and the segmented structure of the surface substituting ensures the prevention of slipping.

Choose Carry Brewtech, takes your brewery into the next level! 


Providing customized brewery system equipment solution is what we are good at, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are after a completely unique project.

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With the concept of "pioneering and enterprising", CARRY strives to consistently deliver high-quality products and the best service for clients.
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