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Carry Brewtech · 10BBL Microbrewery Equipment


Carry Brewtech · 10BBL Microbrewery Equipment

Skid-mounted structure, everything pre-installed & debugged ready in factory, turnkey solution for your brewery project 

2-Vessel Brewhouse

- 10BBL Mash/Lauter Tank

- 10BBL Kettle/Whirlpool Tank

- VFD Wort pump & Hot water pump

- PHE Pipeline fittings

Direct Fire heating system

- the ideal option to avoid high investment of steam generator, also solve the headache of high electric power supply requirement in premise

Electric heating & Steam heating system are also within our production scope, don't hesitate to inquiry Carry Brewtech to start your project.

Carry Brewtech • focus on your beer & Kombucha Brewing equipment solutions. Don’t forget to send us a message if you have any good idea in mind to start your brewery project, let’s discuss together to make it better

+86 15662675200

With the concept of "pioneering and enterprising", CARRY strives to consistently deliver high-quality products and the best service for clients.
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