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Carry Brewtech | Shipping out container of A complete of 500L beer brewery equipment system see you soon in Mexico


Main Equipment:22.

• 200kg/h Malt miller

• 500L Brewhouse, steam heating

• 1000L Hot liquid tank

• Steam boiler with salt tank&water tank

• 500L*6 Fermentation tanks with dry hops adding port

• 300L*2 Fermentation tanks with dry hops adding port

• 500L Bright beer tank

• 1500L Glycol water tank

• 3HP*2 Chiller

• 3T/H Glaycol water pump

• Brewing and fermenting control cabinet

• 50L*2 CIP carts

Auxiliary machine series:

• Double-head beer kegs washing machine

• 20L*50 slim beer barrels with D-type Spear and D-type Coupler

The above are all the equipment included in the complete 500L beer brewing solution customized by Mexican customers.


The effective volume of the brewhouse is 500L, total volume can reach 625L. Steam heating is the most convenient and economical for this customer. In addition this heating method, electric heating and direct fire heating can also be selected to provide sufficient heat for the mashing process. You can refer to your local voltage, your budget, etc. to choose the most suitable heating method for you. Our engineers will customize the corresponding mashing equipment for you according to your needs.

Among them, according to the customer's requirements, all the fermentation tanks are equipped with dry hops adding port, and these fermenters only need to be equipped with a dry hop adding device.

The glycol water tank adopts dual-stage cooling and is equipped with two 3HP chillers. When high-intensity cooling is not required, one of the chillers can be turned off, saving resources and electricity bill

We also can provide Beer kegs filling machine & Beer kegs washing machine & European and American standard beer barrels & Beer bottle fillng & capping machine and Beer can filling machine.


All equipment must be tested and piped in our factory before delivery. Labels will be attached to the interface and pipes to explain the connected accessories and the direction of the pipes. After receiving the equipment, install the pipes and accessories according to the labels, it's as easy as a puzzle.


Providing customized brewery system equipment solution is what we are good at, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are after a completely unique project.

+86 15662675200

With the concept of "pioneering and enterprising", CARRY strives to consistently deliver high-quality products and the best service for clients.
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