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Let's Make a BREW DAY!

Let's Make a BREW DAY! 

Carry Brewtech 200L Pilot Brewing system is ready in position for our 1st test brew batch, welcome to follow us on Alibaba, Instagram, Facebook. 

Our beautiful & professional girls will introduce how this system works from malt milling to knocking out process. 

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· 200LINE Pilot Brewery System (steam heating) 

· 200L Fermenters x 3 sets 

· 200L Brite Tank 


· 1st LIVE Streaming - PST 16:30 pm 4th, Mar. 2022 

· 2nd LIVE Streaming - PST 18:30 pm 4th, Mar. 2022

· 3rd LIVE Streaming - UTC 7:00 am 5th, Mar. 2022

first stagesecond stage酿酒过程(第三阶段)Cici






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