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The special designed 1500L kombucha brewing tanks and 1500L bright beer tank are ready to be sent to Europe


Friends, come and see our new products, buy a set of kombucha brewing equipment, we must be a good choice for you.


Do you love kombucha brewing? Do you need a set of kombucha brewing equipment? The picture below is a set of kombucha brewing equipment, let's take a look at its structure.

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This is a 1500L Brewhouse. The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, and the materials are all laser cutting.


This equipment is mainly composed of Mash + Lauter TankKettle + Whirlpool Tank  and other small components.


The left tank is used for mash and lauter, and the right tank is used for Kettle and whirlpool.  


1. Lets see the first tank: Mash + Lauter Tank

The manhole, which allows us to see what's going on inside the tank. Before brewing, you can totally check your equipment to ensure that everything is perfect.


This chimney right up here, it's connected to the condensing Unit to prevent steam back-flow.


The two tanks are respectively equipped with a liquid level tube. Through the liquid level tube, we can clearly know the capacity of the liquid in the two tanks.


Next, we can see the grain outdoor. Once the process of mashing is finished, we can use a rake to pull the vinasse out.


The motor of this set is below, the motor with reducer, which is connected with the raker, mainly drived raker with different speed .




2 . The other tank is the kettle + Whirlpool Tank.


There is the tangential whirlpool Inlet, the wort can be pumped into this tank tangentially to get sediments to the bottom. Now you can get very clear wort.


Butterfly valves are installed on manifold pipeline to ensure that each step is independent.



The picture below is 1500L Bright Beer Tank


Advantages of our Bright beer Tank:5f4bcfe30bfa8cb7c7c3a868ac53766

1) Carbonation Stone: lengthened design, exceeding the radius of the tank, making the carbonization effect better

2) Cooling: the upper and lower parts of the dimple jacket, cooling more quickly

3) 304 Stainless Steel plate as a whole, our stainless steel plate manufacturer is the best in China
4) Insulation: the insulation layer material is 80mm thick high-grade Pu (customizable)
5) Before delivery, we will conduct a strict pressure test of the storage tank
6) Liquid level meter: used to observe the amount of liquid in the tank
7) Energy saving and emission reduction, saving energy, in line with modern energy saving and emission reduction ideas

Providing customized brewery system equipment solution is what we are good at, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are after a completely unique project.

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With the concept of "pioneering and enterprising", CARRY strives to consistently deliver high-quality products and the best service for clients.
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