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1000L 2000L 5000L Kombucha Brite Tank

Effective volume:

1000L~5000L Kombucha Brite Tank

Carry Brewtech is a professional brewing equipment supplier in China. We have own factory and technology team. The staff  has more than 10 years brewing experience and manufacturing experience.

Kombucha Brite tank, also known as kombucha forced carbonation tank, it is widely used after F1 and forced carbonate kombucha with in 3 days. It takes the production a faster choice to generate more production capacity, and also low down the risk of alcohol when kombucha is in a closed space. 

KOMBUCHA process

Kombucha Brite Tank Comes with:

* Side manway

* Equipped with dimple Cooling Jacket on side and cone

* Pressure Relief Valve on Top of tank

* Sampling Valve

* Carbonation Stone

* Temperature probe (PT-100)

* 360° coverage CIP ball

* Liquid Level tube

Double Layer: Inner-Jacket (SUS304), TH=3.0mm, pickling&passivating treated;

* External-Jacket(SUS 304), TH=2.0mm, ink wires drawing plate

*  Insulation layer: PU-thickness= 80mm.

Effective Volume Total Volume Demiension
2000L 2500L 1600*2500
3000L 1600*2650
3000L 3750 1800*2600
5000L 1800*3100
4500L 5625L 1900*3100
5000L 6250L 2000*3500


Kombucha Brite tank before bottle filling


Kombucha Fermentation Tank 


Side Manhole

spunding valve

Spunding Valve

pressure gauge

Pressure Gauge

CIP ball 1pngCIP ball

Carbonation stone

Carbonation Stone

Sampling valveSampling Valve



pressure relief valve

Pressure Relief Valve

Liquid level tube

Liquid Level Tube

Carry Brewtech, the professional OEM manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in the Beer & Kombucha Brewing & Fermenting equipment area. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

2000L brewing equipment

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