200L Beer Fermentation Tank

Fermenter - made of stainless steel 304, the effective volume is 200L, total volume is 250L. 
Effective Volume:

FV 02
  1. Made of stainless steel 304.

  2. Effective volume: 200L

  3. Total volume: 250L

  4. With top manway

  5. With spunding valve & samle valve & carbonation stone & pressure gauge & beer outlet & drain outlet

  6. 4 strong legs

  7. Tank thicknes: 3mm for Inner-Jacket/2mm for External-Jacket

  8. With CE and ISO certificates

  9. Warranty: 

    3 years, all life service

It is made from fully polished 304 stainless steel, has all entry level sanitary welded tri-clamp fittings and CIP arm. There are some more advanced add-on features, it will be able to support your brewing needs as you expected.

The bottom of the fermentation tank has a 60-degree cone angle. The wort will be fermented more perfectly in this equipment, making the beer more delicious.


FV 07 FV 05 FV 04
Sample Valve Beer Outlet Drain Outlet

FV 06 FV 03


Optional Advice

Dry hopping port on dish head

Dry hopping device to add hops without oxgenation under pressure

Spunding Valve to replace the pressure relief valve

dry hopping device Dry hopping spunding valve

Higher quality sample valve with sampling coil

NUKATAP series Sample valve

Rotary racking arm together with beer outlet

Higher quality NUKATAP series Rotary racking


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