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3000L Kombucha Open Top Fermentation Tank

Customized 3000L kombucha fermenter with jacket , carbonation stone, temperature sensor, sampling valves and so on.
Effective volume:

Customized 3000L Kombucha Fermentation Tank 

Kombucha is a sparkling, refreshing non-alcoholic beverage based on black and green tea and probiotic culture SCOBY (symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria). This ancient elixir is an increasingly popular alternative to juices (even alcohol), and is credited with positive effects on immunity and digestion.

The picture of Kombucha tank is customized for our client. We have own factory and manufacturing team, so we provide customized service for clents' requests.

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Product Description

This type customized kombucha tank is suitable for Medium&large-sized Kombucha Breweries.

Actually from the function of this kombucha tank to analyze, it is the same as open-top fermentation tank, just a little difference from appearance.

Why does it happen?

The most important reason is depending on the temperature and craft. 

Let's comparing the generally open-top fermentation tank

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General Kombucha Open-top Fermentation Tank

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Customized Kombucha Fermentation Tank

1. From the structure to analyze

    Kombucha Open-top Fermentation Tank is single-layer. Please see more  details on Kombucha Open Top Fermentation Tank
    However, the customized is single layer with glycol jacket. Glcyol water can flow into the jacket to cool the kombucha fermenter so that keep the range of suitable fermenting temperature.

2. For the leakproofness to analyze

      Open-top fermentation tank is openning all the time. But the customized 3000L fermentation tank is with 3 sets of top manhole so that the kombucha tee can be contacted with oxygen enough.

Details of Customiced 3000L kombucha fermentation tank

• Top manhole

• Glycol inlet/outlet

• Level gange

• Vinasse door

• Samping valve

• Temperature gauge

• Carbonation port

• Kombucha Tee outlet

• Drain outlet

• 4 Duty heavy legs

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From the front of view

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From the back of view

Carry Brewtech, the professional OEM manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in the Beer & Kombucha Brewing & Fermenting equipment area. 
What do we manufacture? 
  • 1. Kombucha Brew center (100L~50HL, for boiling up water, brewing tea, and mixing with sugar)

  • 2. Open-top fermenter (100L~50HL, for SCOBY fermenting under 27 Degrees Celsius)

  • 3. Carbonation Tank (100L~50HL, forced carbonation of your brewed kombucha to get a fizzy taste) 

  • 4. Kombucha Filling Machine (Isobaric filling)

  • 5. CIP sanitary cleaning system

  • 6. Filtration System

  • 7. Other Kombucha brewing accessories 

  • 8. Business Consultation service to start from scratch to perfect

Please don't hesitate to let us know if we can be of any assistance to your kombucha brewing business. Cheers! 

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