7BBL Fermentation Tank

7BBL Fermenter—more taller and thinner than the standard 7BBL fermenter, for beer fermentation. It is made of 304 stainless steel & 100% TIG Welding with dimple jacket, so make the cooling effect is faster. It can also be equipped with carbonation stone and used as Brite Tank.
optional parts:
7BBL Fermentation Tank with 6" Dry hopping port

The brewing process of craft beer basically has two important core steps:
one is malt saccharification, and the other is wort fermentation.
Among them, the wort fermentation process is mainly completed by the fermentation tank.

In the beer brewing process, the malt passes through the saccharification system to prepare the wort, which is cooled, enters the fermentation tank, adds the brewer's yeast, and starts the fermentation.

Product Description

This 7BBL fermentation tank is specially designed for the customer. The customer's place has width restrictions, but no height restrictions, so the original size has been redesigned, and the height is about 2.8m. 

fermentation tank

7BBL fermenterThe capacity of this fermenter is 7BBL, but customers often only have 3BBL beer in the fermenter. Considering that when there is only 3BBL beer, the upper ethylene glycol jacket will produce condensation water droplets on the inner wall, and these condensation water droplets will fall into the tank and affect the effect the taste of the beer, so we made the upper and lower two-part dimpled jackets. 

If there is only 3BBL beer in the fermenter, the upper part of the glycol inlet can be closed. This way the above situation does not happen. You can see the picture, it has 2 glycol water inlet and 2 Glycol water outlet. All the outlet and inlet are 3/4" NPT. 

-Accessories Detailed Pictures 

sample valve

Sample vave

side view of fermenter

Shadowless Manway

carbonation stone

Carbonation Port & fittings


3/4" NPT GW inlet & outlet

Racking Arm

Racking arm

ladder hooks

Ladder hooks

pressure gauge with back connection

Pressure gauge

dry hopping port

Dry hopping port

2.leveling pads & Adjustable bolt

Level pads & Adjust bolt

Packaging & Shipping

carry Shipping picture


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