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CARRY-Screw Auger System

Screw Conveyor Auger Conveying System Auger Feeder for Powder & Malt Filling 


Grain augers are an important element in beer brewing; they are used to transfer uncracked grain to the grain mill, and cracked grain to a grist case for storage and ultimately to the brewhouse for brewing. The grain auger moves grain at a consistent rate by employing a rotating helical screw auger to convey the grain through an enclosed tube.

Product Description

Grain augers are one component of the brewery grain handling system which also includes the grain mill, grist case, and grist hydrator.

Malt Crusher

Malt Miller


Grain Case


Grist Hydrator

Screw auger suitable for conveying all kinds of powder, granular and other materials, the coil spring is that the conveyor only moving part, no matter long the long-distance transport, the delivery tube bearing no other moving parts, etc., so that the conveyor performance reliable, and almost no maintenance, does not occur as bearing oil pollution problem conveying the material and the like. Another notable feature is its easy to clean, just five minutes a person will be able to disassemble the machine and cleaning work.



The spiral transportation conveyor is accessory facility to brewery machinery. It can transport the malt materials to hopper directly. It is special facility for brewhouse.

The part touching the materials is made of stainless steel, so the materials will never be polluted and foreign body could not get in. It realizes sealed automatic operation.

It is safe, convenience and movable. That solves the trouble of conveying by hand and makes the operation safe.

This machine can be used with all kinds of brewhouse, it can automatically carry malt into the hopper of machine by means of a controller of material level.

Stainless steel hard pipe feeder

普通上料机 (5)


1. Brewhouse equipment for 300L 500L 1000L 2000L

2. This machine is especially suitable for conveying various powdery materials, as well as various granular or flake materials.

3. Features a uniquely designed stainless steel helical blade. Installed in a 108mm stainless steel pipe

4. The conveying capacity is large, the operation is safe and reliable, and the disassembly and cleaning are convenient.

5. Good adaptability and long service life. Has good sealing

6. Overall cost-effective


1. The direction of the pipeline cannot be changed, it can only be installed in a straight line.

2. The site of the customer is required to be relatively wide, and it must be used only when the size and height are suitable.

Plastic hose feeder



1. Suitable for various types of equipment

2. Adopt stainless steel spiral blade which also adopts unique design. In an 89 high-strength plastic tube

3. Appropriate bending can be carried out, with strong adaptability, and the direction of the pipeline can be changed according to the customer's site

4. But the price is more expensive than the first stainless steel


1. The price is more expensive than the stainless steel feeder

2. The speed of transportation will be relatively slow

3. The installation is more difficult because the stainless steel spiral blade and motor are on the top of the overall feeder

Tube chain feeder

高配上料机 (1)


1. It is suitable for use in large breweries and bars. The pipeline is very flexible and can be designed according to the customer's site.

2. It is the best feeding machine at present, the feeding speed and the sealing effect of the pipeline are very good

3. It can be used for large-scale upper and lower layers. The product has a beautiful appearance and can also be used for display.


1. The price is relatively high

Packaging & Shipping

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