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CIP Cleaning System 50L 100L 200L

CIP system is mobile equipment, which can provide cleaning and disinfection work for beer fermentation equipment.
It is equipped with two tanks. One is a disinfection tank, which mainly holds H2O2. And the other tank is an alkali tank, which is equipped with corresponding electric heating tubes, can play the role of heat preservation.

The important thing you have to do for a brew day is cleaning, it takes time, but is a very important process to maintain sanitation of your brewery equipment.

Carry Brewtech CIP systems gets this job done faster, easier and better than any system out there.

Configuration: Cleaning tank, Sanitizing tank, Cleaning pump, control cabinet, piping and valves. All in one mobile cart.

Material: 304 Stainless steel, 100% high accuracy TIG welded.

Capacity: 50L, 100L, 200L or customized.

Carry Brewtech CIP Cart components4

Mobile cart Handle

Carry Brewtech CIP Cart components5

Universal Wheels

Carry Brewtech CIP Cart components6 Control Cabinet

Carry Brewtech CIP Cart components1

Caustic cleaning Tank

Carry Brewtech CIP Cart components2

Sanitize Tank

Carry Brewtech CIP Cart components3

Cleaning Pump

  • Caustic Tank

  1. Double layers, inner thickness=3mm, outer thickness=2mm

  2. with insulation layer, PU=30mm

  3. Pre-installed 3 kw electric heating element

  4. Pre-installed PT-100 Temperature probe

  5. Manual open top lid with hinges

  6. Piping & valves ready to use

  • Sanitize Tank

  1. Single layer, thickness=2mm

  2. Manual open top lid with hinges

  3. Piping & valves ready to use

  • Cleaning Pump

  1. Flow rate is 3000L/h, lift is 24m

  2. Power is 0.75kw

  3. Voltage is 415V, 50HZ, 3 Phases (optional: 240V, 50hz, 1 Phase)

  4. Centrifugal pump, complete circulation piping & valves ready to use

  • Control Cabinet

  1. 304 Stainless steel cabinet

  2. With high precision temperature PID Meter

  3. Switch for Electric heating element manual/auto on/off control

  4. Switch for cleaning pump on/off control

  5. Emergency stop

  6. With Schneider electric components

  • Pipling & Valves

1. Pump inlet pipes are Φ38, outlet pipes are Φ32

2. 1.5” tri-clamp & butterfly valves

3. 304 stainless steel material, sanitary degree


  • Power Requirement

Electric heating element is 3kw for 50L~100L washing cart, and 6kw for 200L washing cart, larger power can be customized, TBD.

  • Standard 50L/100L: 415V, 3 phases, min 10Amps power requirement

  • Standard 200L: 415V, 3 phases, min 17Amps power requirement

  • Optional 50L/100L: 240v, 1 Phase, min 17Amps power requirement

  • Optional 200L: 240v, 1 Phase, min 29Amps power requirement

  • Dimension

  • 50L CIP Cart: 1060*500*1100mm

  • 100L CIP Cart: 1460*650*1100mm

  • 200L CIP Cart: 1850*750*1650mm

  • Which size is RIGHT for me?

  • 50L CIP Cart is best choice for tanks range from 50L to 500L

  • 100l CIP Cart can be sufficient for tanks max to 1000L

  • 200L can be sufficient for tanks max to 2000L

That is to say:

Capacity of CIP Cart : Volume of tank = 1:10

Our CIP cleaning trolley has wheels and control devices, which is more conducive to cleaning the entire set of brewing equipment.Let me take the cleaning of the fermentation tank as an example to explain how to use our cleaning trolley.

*1.First, washing with tap water for about 15 minutes to wash away sediment remaining in the fermenter.        
*2.Washing the inside of the fermentation tank with hot alkaline water at 45-50°, and circulate for 15 minutes.
*3.Washing the fermenter with warm water again until the water from the discharged outlet is not slippery.

*4.Finally, washing the fermentation tank with hydrogen peroxide for about 15 minutes, and then recover it or discharge it directly into the drain.

Packaging & Shipping
微信图片_20211011111439 Inner stretching membrane and PE paper and outer steel frame, and other packaging for shipping.

1.Main beer brewing tanks, fermenting vessels and turnkey brewhouse system will be packaged with plastic film firstly, then with reinforced steel frames.

2.All beer brewing spare parts, accessories and fittings will be packaged with carton box and crated.
3.All items wrapped with soft package for protection.
4.Each parts of whole brewing system will be labeled.

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With the concept of "pioneering and enterprising", CARRY strives to consistently deliver high-quality products and the best service for clients.
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