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What is a Lagering tank?


What is a Horizontal Lager Tank?

Carry Brewtech horizontal lager tank is specifically designed to condition lager beers.  A lager beer requires longer cold conditioning times than ales to produce a top-quality product. Distinct from conical fermenters that stand vertically, horizontal lagering tanks are placed on their side to maximize the surface area of yeast to wort. Whereas ale yeasts are known as “top fermenters” essentially staying in suspension during fermentation, lager yeasts are “bottom fermenters”. Because of this, Lager yeast has a tendency to collect at the bottom of a tank where it is less effective. Constructing a tank with a horizontal orientation rather than a vertical one helps ensure a faster, more effective conditioning period. for a larger surface area ratio to beer depth. The greater surface area also offers less static pressure to the yeast for these extended aging periods.  This offers an opportunity for better yeast health in the long term. Finally, Lager tanks not only serve as a time for maturation but also the clarification of lager beer.  

What is Lager Beer?

The most consumed beers in the world are lagers. Lager is German for “storage” as this beer style was originally stored for extended periods before drinking in cool caves where they were also fermented.  Lager yeast strains were some of the first yeast strains to be isolated in the purest form without contaminations. These beers have been considered to have much longer shelf lives than ales. This particular yeast strain likes to ferment in cold temperatures and requires extended maturation periods than its ale counterparts.

What is the purpose of lagering?

the lagering phase of cold-fermented beer production takes place in chilled tanks, and these are often horizontally oriented. During lagering, beer undergoes subtle, but significant, flavor-altering biochemical processes that are responsible for the crisp and clean taste we usually associate with lager beers.


Dual Lagering Tank


Triple Lagering Tank

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