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1BBL SMART Beer Brewhouse

CARRY BREWTECH | 1BBL Pilot Brewing Equipment Brewing Kit is specially customized for homebrew hobbies, entry-level Micro Breweries, Pilot Brewing System, or a full-scale Nano-Brewery production.
Effective Volume:
Optional Configuration:

1BBL 3-Vessel Pilot Brewing Equipment

• Smart

Mini scale industrial brewing equipment, with all the scaled down parts&fittings, you will full in love with this optimized Brew center.
• Turnkey Solution

Installed& wiring ready on a fully welded frame platform, nothing can be easier for your pilot beer brewing jobs.

•  100% Flexible Design

Atmospheric top lid enable a direct inspection & clean of inner space.

You will be able to pilot brewing with your professional brewing recipe on this unit, nothing can be easier with such a complete system configuration, pipelines, wort pump&hot water pump, heat exchanger, etc.

Semi-automatic Control System

Never give up your creative recipe with such a smart control system, temperature control, pump VFD speed control, international standard electric components takes your brewing into the next level.

• Optional system volume from 1BBL to 2BBL
• You only need 2m⊃2; floor space to start your own brewery
• All material & accessories included, enjoy your high quality mechanical operation

• Optional System power supply 110V/220V/380V/415V


Product Details  


   Left: Hot Liquor Tank

   Middle: Kettle + Whirlpool Tank

   Right: Mash+ Lauter Tank

   Dimension: 2100mm*720mm*1600mm

   Heating Method: Electric elements

   Operability: Easy

   Control System: PID Control

   Application: Larger, Ale, IPA, Creative pilot Craft Beer

carrybrewtech100LSMARTBREWHOUSE (1)

Inner-Jacket (SUS304), TH=3.0mm, pickling& passivating treated;                 
External-Jacket(SUS 304), TH=2.0mm, ink wires drawing plate;                            Atmosphere pressure lid, TH=3.0mm;    

             Tanks’ Insulation layer: PU-thickness= 50mm;      

             100% high precision TIG welded joints;    

             Strong universal wheels (with shaft);
Installation Method: Assembled ready to use, Removable



Backflow baffle/ Easy clean and detachable sparging spray ring


VFD Wort Pump
(Flow capacity=1T/h)


Grain out door + grain chute


Electric elementes used in kettle/whirlpool tank&HLT


VFD Wort Pump(Flow capacity=1T/h)


Y type Hops filter equipped ahead of heat exchanger


Sight Glass (equipped on wort pipeline)


PID Controller (semi-auto temperature control&pump control)

Optional Configuration

a. Grain Raker b. RIMS

·With VFD motor&reducer on top of mash/lauter tank

·Build in rakers to mix malts with water during mashing process


·Installed underneath the mash/lauter tank, along with wort outlet pipeline

·with 1 x 3kw electric heating element

·realize multiple steps mashing recipes if needed

Carry Brewtech smart chiller unit

Smart Chiller Unit

S fermenter_carry (33)

100L Fermentation Tank

carrybrewtech 100L brewhouse in mexico


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