200L LINE Nano Brewhouse

Hot Water Tank(left)
On the far left is the hot water tank, which is mainly used to boil the hot water used in the saccharification process. It has a 6KW straight heating tube inside, which heats up more quickly and saves time.

Mash/Lauter Tun (middle)

We can use this tank for mashing and lauter, which is equipped with a sieve plate, CIP cleaning ball, spray ring tube, and the saccharified lees can be raked out with a rake through our outlet door

Boil Kettle/ Whirlpool (right)

This boil kettle has a different design to many other boil kettles. The 160° degree conical base and centre dump valve allow you to dump significant amounts of trub after your whirlpool meaning you get more clear wort through the outlet.
Effective volume:
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Heating Method:

200L 3-Vessel Brewhouse

200LBrewhouse is specially customized for homebrew hobbies, entry-level Micro Breweries, Pilot Brewing System, or a full-scale Nano-Brewery production. The 200L Brewhouse saves space and your installation time. It has four wheels and is very convenient to move. All Tanks are on one frame, which is very compact and practical.


  • The material we use is food grade 304 stainless steel. 100% high accuracy TIG welding. Inner-jacket (SUS304) thickness: 3mm, pickling and passivating treated; External-Jacket(SUS304) thickness: 2mm, Hairline polishing.

  • Our 200L LINE Nano Brewhouse is very practical for home brewers and also for pilots.

  • The product is very beautiful as a whole, you can display it in your bar, the surface is very smooth and shiny, thanks to the polishing by our engineers

  • Our system includes all the accessories and equipment required for the mashing process, including: hot water boiler; heat exchanger; control cabinet; wort pump; wort oxygenation device, etc.


Mash+Lauter Tank

1. Effective volume=200L, max volume=250L

2. Atmospheric top lid

3. Tri-clamp Spary Ring Tube

4. Wort backflow pipeline equip with Sight glass

5. Removable false bottom

6. Grain out door

7. Temperature Probe&PT-100

200L 3-3 D(2)

Kettle+Whirlpool Tank

1. Effective volume=200L, max volume=250L

2. Atmospheric pressure lid

3. 12kw electric element

4. Tangent whirlpool inlet

5. Temperature Probe&PT-100

Hot Water Tank

1. Effective volume=200L, max volume=250L

2. Atmospheric pressure lid

3. 12kw electric element

4. Temperature Probe&PT-100

Related Accessories

photobank (1)

Saccharification flow chart:

step 1: Put the Malt into the Malt miller; in this step can make the malt  fully mashed.

step 2: Mix and stir the pulverized malt with 63-68° water, and use the enzymes contained in the malt to decompose the insoluble macromolecular substances (starch, protein, hemicellulose, etc.) in the malt and auxiliary materials into soluble low-molecular-weight substances. (eg sugars, dextrins, amino acids, peptides), in this step we can get the wort.

step 3: The next step is Lauter. In this step, we need to add water at 78-82° twice to wash the wort. Then we will filter to get clear wort. This step can be observed through our sight glass.

step 4: The next step is to boil and spin sink. Through this step, we sterilize the wort. The purpose of the spin sink is to precipitate the deteriorated protein in the wort, so that we can get a clearer wort.

photobank (2)


Industrial Glycol Chiller Unit

Build in Glycol Water Tank

  • Effective volume =120L

  • Build-in Cooper Chilling pipes

  • Temperature Probe&PT-100

Build in Glycol Water Pump

  • Flow=1m⊃3;/h Lift =8m

  • 0.55kw

Build in Industrial Chiller

  • Cooling Capacity = 2 HP, CANSA brand

  • Max control 6 sets x 200L fermenters 

  • Copland vortex compressor, more durable, refrigeration effect is more stable

  • Medium: Environmental protection refrigerants R407c 

PID Controller

  • Fermenters &Glycol water tank Temperature Indicator&control

  • Glycol water pump on/off control

  • With high quality electric components

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S fermenter_carry (32)

200L Fermenter

Product Name

200L Fermenting System


fermentation tank (200L)



Weight in total


Installing Method

Assembled ready to use, Removable



Control System

PID Control

Cooling Method

Glycol Water circulation in FVs jacket


  1. Effective volume=200L, Total volume=250L

  2. Top flange manway

  3. Conical type bottom (60°)

  4. 360° spray ball equip with CIP arm

  5. Pressure relief valve on CIP arm

  6. Pressure gauge

  7. Sample Valve port

  8. Temperature Gauge

  9. Bottom Drain port

  10. Temperature Probe&PT-100

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Carry Equipment is a professional brewing equipment supplier in China. We have own factory and technology team. The staff  has more than 10 years brewing experience and manufacturing experience.
With the concept of "pioneering and enterprising", CARRY strives to consistently deliver high-quality products and the best service for our customer. Fully committed to the brewing industry, we always take customer’s requirement and satisfaction as our aim.



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With the concept of "pioneering and enterprising", CARRY strives to consistently deliver high-quality products and the best service for clients.
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